Crisp professional images will earn your opinions more valuable media coverage and better placement

All the advice you are about to get is in the headline. If you’re prepared to take my word for it, you have read far enough.

If you need convincing, then I have a few points for you to consider. Put simply, good quality professional photography will make a tangible difference to the coverage your opinions earn.

Editors need high resolution images for their most prominent stories in print, online and on social media. Supplying them, along with your written content, will boost your chances of securing good coverage and strong placement.

The truth is that editors, especially in the trade press, really need your pictures. While rapid writing comes with the editorial territory, the additional resource of a photographer does not. Which is why offering professionally shot photographs will significantly improve coverage and placement for your content.

Think about it. All the premium spots in print and online must have a strong image run alongside the story. Few outlets have the photography resources to shoot every opportunity themselves and editors can spend longer trawling for image assets than actually writing. So why not help them out?

Have a professional photographer shoot proprietary pictures and you’ll improve your odds of getting premium placements every time you send content to an editor.

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