Put the profile-building power of op-eds and comments to work for your brand

Trade editors are in a relentless job. Most head a one-person operation where producing a monthly magazine and daily news is just the start. Editors will also be making videos, managing social media channels, fronting conferences and running awards programmes.

This adds up to a full schedule, leaving sensible editors looking for easy wins that fill print pages and boost impressions.

Reliable columnists offering insightful industry comments are a great way to do just that. Contributed opinions help a publication show it is close to its industry, and fill pages with minimal editorial input. But regular columnists are incredibly rare. Loads of people will gamely volunteer to contribute, but an editor is lucky if even one delivers.

This is a wasted opportunity for companies selling business to business. Thoughtful opinions can earn them prominent coverage and valuable brand positioning. For the named author, they are a chance to have their voice heard, build authority and make their opinion count.

Opinion pages are a high-profile opportunity available to anyone ready to build a relationship, write to length and deliver on time.

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