Let's make yours count


I help business leaders tell their story


I learned my craft through two decades of hard graft with publishers
and agencies. As an experienced copywriter and business journalist, I
know how to deliver your message to a professional audience effectively.
Writing weekly columns taught me to blend current events and personal
experience into a lively and relevant read. Now my editorial studio does
the same for professionals who want to engage with a business audience.


I specialise in ghostwriting opinions, comments and speeches because they are the toughest expert content for media and events businesses to source. Whether delivered in print, online or on stage, this content is in demand and represents an under-utilised opportunity for professionals to build authority, earn their audience’s trust and make their opinion count.


Ghostwritten opinions, comments and speeches positioning
you as a sector expert and a trusted contributor


Magazine-style stories about your industry, putting your business at the forefront of the debate.
Concise case studies showcasing what you offer clients through practical applications and measured results.
Detailed white papers explaining your products and services.
Sharp blog posts and press releases to tell your business’s story.
Conversational web copy, just like this.


Opinions about sharing ideas and telling your story

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